Hamburger Meat Recipes

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Shepherd’s Pie is a far cry from the hamburger pie I grew up with, but it’s still a delicious and easy-to-bake pie in a dish with a good portion of flavor.
This hamburger steak recipe is a spiced ground beef patty that simmers in a spicy mushroom sauce and is topped with cheese. This minced meat casserole contains hamburgers, meat, onions and peppers and is seasoned with tomatoes and spices to be combined with pasta. I’ve looked at other blogs and they all look delicious, but I’m also a big fan of them.
If hamburgers are on the menu, I know my family will come to the table, and if there is no hamburger on the menu, you know they will come to the table.
My children especially like simple, satisfying hamburgers and steaks, so whenever I turn to food, I turn to this recipe. I like to cook ground beef or roast beef, but any kind of ground beef works, and my kids love it too.
Butter works best with flour when making a roux, so keep the beef fat to a minimum and the flour to about 1 / 2 cup.
When time is precious to you, I like to cook at home and make the best recipes for you and your family that come to mind. If hamburger steak with country sauce is high on your menu, or if you want to spice up an average midweek dinner with a little spice, we’ve put together some of our favorite dishes that have to do with this very versatile protein. Ditch the boxed mix Hamburgers and Helper, make it home – cooked, homemade and prepared with just a few simple ingredients and the right amount of spices.
This nutritious recipe contains grass-fed minced meat, followed by a mixture of fresh herbs, spices and spices plus a little salt and pepper. cheap escort london
The vegetables and minced meat in the pan were a wonderful surprise that crept up on me during a recent workout at the gym. Seriously, this soup offers a soothing concentration of Mexican flavors built into the ground beef. Everything I love about beef tacos and salads, even if it’s kind of lazy and there’s a rather blatant reference to shredded salad.
In this recipe, I keep the moisture in the minced meat in an airtight container with a lid over it for a few days.
This simple, homely soup consists of only a few ingredients, and you probably already have some at hand. It is one of the most nostalgic American recipes I know, made by my mother and prepared with just the right amount of spices and condiments.
Stroganoff is hearty (at least if you like) and easy to prepare and serve as a side dish, but it must be a must for busy families. This classic ground beef recipe can be cooked on the hob or in the oven for about 30 minutes until tender.
One batch can yield 20 pierogias, so you can freeze any leftover food and enjoy it on the street. This recipe keeps things traditional, but it’s still hearty and savory enough for a family of four or five.
Spaghetti meatballs are a great way to bridge meat, pasta and cheese quickly and easily with just a few ingredients. These meatballs with homemade mushroom sauce are baked for a nice twist on a normal meatball dinner.
Crockpot Meatballs and Shepherd’s Pie are baked so you can prepare the best homemade meatballs where they can then be used in this recipe. Then follow with a quick and easy recipe for preparing spaghetti meatballs in crockpot with homemade mushroom sauce and a few other ingredients.
This is a slightly sweet and spicy beef mixture served on a bed of hot rice. This is one of my favourite recipes for meatballs and one I whip up in a pan or large saucepan. Break mince into small pieces and cook until it is no longer pink, about 5 minutes per side or until cooked through.
Add half of the green onion and cook until fragrant, about 1 minute, adding the garlic, salt, pepper and 1 / 2 teaspoon salt and black pepper. Add the beef mixture, 1 tablespoon of soy sauce and 2 tablespoons of olive oil and simmer, stirring, until the meat is moistened and shiny.
If you’re looking for a simple recipe for your family that consumes every last piece of ground beef in the fridge or freezer, this is it. Start by sautéing your lean beef with garlic and ginger in a pan with a little garlic or ginger. It comes together in less than 15 minutes and is bursting with sweet and spicy flavours.
Season with salt, pepper, garlic powder, cumin, black pepper and a pinch of salt and pepper and season with a little salt.